Machine Learning in Chicago


Founded by a team of data scientists, programmers, and eDiscovery experts, NexLP uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to derive actionable insight from unstructured and structure data. Powered by a proprietary cognitive computing engine, NexLP uses next generation text analytics to help corporations uncover answers in their data.

rMark Bio

rMark Bio is a deep learning analytics platform that empowers pharmaceutical companies to intelligently identify and collaborate with clinical and academic scientists.


Makers of Pushbot, a¬†platform for business processes. “By helping to build, run, and improve your processes, Pushbot will take your operations to a new level.”


Unparalleled company & people discovery, real-time workflow tracking, and a powerful recommendation engine.


Semantify leads the next wave of innovation in business intelligence tools with the powerful combination of natural language processing, semantic search and self service business intelligence within a single, unified and extensible platform. Semantify is a powerful semantic search platform for Enterprise, Consumer and Big Data Ad-hoc Analytics


Monument is a personal cloud device that effortlessly stores and organizes photos and videos from smartphones and cameras. Its powerful hardware organizes content according to time, location, and faces without requiring any additional user action. Monument makes user content accessible from anywhere and provides the highest level of privacy.